At first glance, a credit score is just a three-digit number, but this number is what actually influences your financial life a lot. Whether you want to get a payday loan or need money to fund your wedding, you’ll get your score checked by a potential lender. If it’s high enough — you’ll get your loan application approved. If you weren’t careful with your previous payments and the score is low, there is a chance you won’t get a loan or will get it on worse terms. 

People often get confused when it comes to their credit scores. How do I learn what my score is? I didn’t take any loans in the past, why is my score so low? How do I improve my score if I need money right now? We are here to answer these questions. 

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What is the credit score
Fico score
Credit history
How to improve your credit score
Myths about bad credit score
How to get a loan with bad credit