How to get around when your car breaks down

Having car troubles is something that everyone has experienced at one time or another. And unfortunately, most car maintenance is incredibly expensive. Without a car, it may seem like it’s impossible to get around. Work, visiting friends, everything seems more difficult when the car is in the shop.

But there are a few strategies that can help you get by if your car is broken down. In this article, we’ll reveal a list of some tips and tricks that might be a big help for anyone struggling with car troubles, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

1. Public transportation

How to get around when your car breaks down
Passengers cram together and hold on to hand straps on the Bangkok sky train.

Depending on the city or town, you might be able to use public transportation to get around. Taking the bus or the train might not be the most convenient way to travel, but it can be very cost effective and affordable. However, if it’s in a city where public transportation doesn’t cover a lot of ground, this might not be a viable option. Still, with the proper amount of research into bus routes or train schedules, many people take public transportation every day. It all depends on the specific situation and location, but public transportation is definitely one option to consider if your car is out of order.

2. Carpool

How to get around when your car breaks down
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One possibility for people who are struggling to get to work without a car is to carpool. This involves sharing a single car with multiple other people. Not only is this a good solution for anyone whose car is currently under maintenance, but it is also good for the environment. If everyone chips in for gas, it can be a very affordable way to get around.

However, one downside of this option is that it requires coordinating with other people when to get anywhere. This can be difficult, especially if you don’t live near any coworkers or aren’t willing or able to extend your commute by a significant amount of time.

3. Rideshare services

One method that many people use to get around when they don’t have access to a car is using one of the many ridesharing services that exist now. Companies like Lyft or Uber are more than happy to take get business by helping people get where they need to go.

Perhaps the biggest downside of these services is that they can be very expensive, especially when relying on them every day or needing to go long distances. And depending on the time of day or the area of town, getting into a car with a stranger might not be the most comfortable option. Ridesharing is best for people who only need a handful of rides for a short period of time, to avoid too much damage to your wallet.

4. Borrow a car from family or friends

This is a transportation option that may or may not be available to everyone, but if there are friends, family, or neighbors who are willing to lend their automobile for a period of time, it could solve your car problems temporarily. Some benefits of borrowing a car from somebody is that it may be a low-cost option, depending on your relationship with the car owner.

However, one of the negatives of borrowing a car is that it probably won’t solve the problem long term, as the owner will most likely need the car returned to them before too long. If your car is going to be out of commission for several weeks or longer, it may not be feasible to borrow a car for the entire time you need alternative transportation.

5. Get help from a friend with auto knowledge

If you’re fortunate enough to have a friend or know somebody with extensive knowledge of cars, it may be advantageous to ask them to take a look at the vehicle and see if they can fix it themselves. This is also a fairly low-cost option, although cash would still be required to pay for any necessary equipment or parts needed for repairs.

An additional benefit of this method is that you might learn a few things about cars, which could come in handy the next time something goes wrong with your car.

5. Request a loan to help pay for the cost

One of the quickest ways to get back on the road, especially if you can’t immediately afford the cost of fixing your car, is to take out a personal loan to pay for auto maintenance. There are a number of different sources you can turn to which offer personal loans.

How to get around when your car breaks down
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Traditional banks may be able to help with a loan, although some banks tend to have stricter requirements in terms of minimum credit score and other qualifications borrowers must meet before getting a loan.

But there are also a large number of online loan companies that offer loans for a variety of purposes, including car repair loans. Make sure to read the terms of any loan carefully before agreeing to it, to understand exactly what timeframe and costs are expected. Taking out a loan to fund auto maintenance comes with several benefits, including speed. Many online lenders may provide cash as fast as 24 hours, so you could be back on the road in no time.

Plus, when requesting a loan online, you can do so from the comfort of home, so going to a bank or storefront isn’t necessary to get a loan for car repair.


If your car is broken down, towed, or out of commission for some other reason, it can threaten to disrupt your entire routine. Getting to work, visiting friends or family, and keeping other plans might seem impossible without a car, especially in a city or town that does not have robust public transportation.

Car repairs can be incredibly expensive, so if there isn’t a spare car you can borrow or a group of friends with whom you can carpool, taking out a quick personal loan might be an option worth considering. No matter which method you choose, hopefully, you’ll be back on the road soon.