Jobs in Demand During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Were you recently laid off due to COVID-19?

While the COVID-19 outbreak has inflicted a major blow to job-seekers in multiple industries, it has also transformed the hiring landscape in teleworking communications, online retail, pharmaceutical and shipping companies—each of which is adding more staff to meet the recent increase in demand. 

The sudden economic shift caused by the coronavirus has led to massive layoffs in the hospitality sector, bringing hotels, restaurants, and the entire service-based industry to a standstill. 

That being said, staying indoors has also caused a surge in demand for delivery and online-based services, which, in turn, has generated substantial employment opportunities in these areas. 

Here are some companies that have announced major hiring plans during the current pandemic season:

1. Amazon

The e-commerce giant is in need of 100,000 workers due to an “unprecedented” surge in demand due to COVID-19. Most of these jobs are related to delivery and warehouses. At the same time, Amazon has also raised employee salaries by $2 per hour. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Amazon. 

2. CVS Health

Early this week, CVS Health announced its plan to fill 50,000 jobs—full-time, part-time, and temporary positions—on an immediate basis. The unexpected move has emerged as the most “ambitious” hiring campaign in the organization’s history. According to a spokesperson from the company, the announcement was necessitated by the enterprise’s mounting need for additional workers. 

Visit here to apply for a job at CVS Health.

3. Albertsons

The grocery chain has created around 30,000 temporary jobs in the grocery industry, including Tom Thumb, Acme, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Safeway, Albertsons, Pavilions, Carrs, Haggen, Star Market, and United Supermarkets. To provide assistance in filling these roles, they are cooperating with foodservice and hospitality companies to hire furloughed employees.

Apply for a job at Albertsons here.

4. Walgreens

Walgreens has also made a public announcement that it is tackling a considerable demand for its pharmacies and stores during this critical period. As a result, it looks forward to hiring people for 9,500 roles in stores across the U.S., especially for pharmacy technicians, customer service associates, and shift leads. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Walgreens. 

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut advertised more than 30,000 open jobs this week.  With such urgent need, the company has shortened its hiring process to less than five hours for new drivers. Other than drivers, it is also looking for restaurant managers, shift leaders, cooks, and virtual call-center agents. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Pizza Hut.

6. Walmart

Walmart is hiring 150,000 new workers before June for its clubs, stores, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers. Although these roles are temporary at the moment, a large chunk of them are expected to be converted to permanent positions. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Walmart.

7. Slack and Zoom

Slack and Zoom are advertising to new companies for a reason. As more companies have been enforcing work-from-home policies, executives and managers are relying on video conferencing, telecommunications, and other similar tools to run their business operations. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Zoom.

Visit this link to apply for a job at Slack.

8. 7-Eleven

The ongoing pandemic threat has forced the biggest convenience store chain in the world to hire 20,000 people. The company says that its new app expects a rise in demand for delivery shopping. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at 7-Eleven.

9. Kroger

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the grocery chain has hired 2,000 workers. Still, it is unable to meet the rising demand. The company’s stores, including Fred Meyer and Harris Teeter, have over 10,000 openings. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Kroger.

10. Papa John’s 

Even pandemics cannot diminish the demand for pizza. One of the largest pizza chains in the world is looking to hire 20,000 people for carry-out orders and deliveries. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Papa John’s.

11. Pepsi 

The beverage behemoth intends to get an additional supply of 6,000 workers for full-benefit positions in the near future. Although job details have not been revealed yet, you can still apply to work for the company.

Visit this link to apply for a job at Pepsi.

12. Aldi

Aldi is yet another grocery chain that has sensed the need for more workers. The company announced almost 5,000 open positions—most of which are related to its retail outlets. However, those looking for jobs in public relations, human resources, and HR can also try their luck. 

Visit this link to apply for a job at Aldi.

13. Dollar General

The operations at the discount chain require more workers as 50,000 jobs have been listed amid the COVID-19’s reign of terror.

Visit this link to apply for a job at Dollar General. 

You can apply to any of these companies in order to gain a regular stream of income.