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Find Legitimate Payday Loans Online

Let’s face it; it’s not easy finding legit payday loans online nowadays. Among all the noise, the competition, and the spam, choosing a lender can be just as headache-inducing as doing your taxes. Where do you even start? And how do you even know you’ve found the most trusted payday loans online?

Payday loans are quick, unsecured loans taken out for urgent funding, and especially useful for individuals with a low credit score. Whether you need money to pay outstanding bills or cover routine expenses, this type of loan can give you a quick financial boost until your next paycheck. With a payday loan, you can borrow up to $1000, granted, at a higher interest rate.

While the risks with payday loans are smaller than with other types, you still want to ensure that your lender is legitimate and trusted before signing any agreement. One way to find such a lender is by using intermediaries, such as, who have done their homework and put together a network of vetted lenders ready to help you with your financial challenges. Through our platform, you can find a payday loan offer within a matter of minutes, and, on top of that, you have the ability to accept or reject it if it doesn’t meet your needs or criteria. No obligations, no commitment until you’ve had a chance to review it with a lender… that’s how you know you can trust us!

To get started, simply follow the next steps:

  • Online Payday Loans
    Fill out our online form. Answer about 30 questions about yourself.
  • Online Payday Loans
    Get redirected to a vetted lender’s page. There you can review their offer, as well as their terms and conditions.
  • Online Payday Loans
    Click “Accept” if you agree with the loan terms. If not, you may restart the process from step 1 above.

GetCash’s List of Payday Loans Benefits

Being obligation-free is only one of the many advantages offers. While we can’t promise low rate payday loans (because it depends on the specific lender), here is a full list of benefits of the online payday loans that you can find through our platform:

  • No fees

    Free access to verified lenders

  • Quick process

    Find some of the best payday loans online in less than 30 minutes

  • Convenience

    Every step to finding an offer is done online, without any paperwork, scheduled appointments, or driving anywhere

  • Privacy and data security

    Safeguarded by commercially reasonable data encryption processes, your information is safely shared only with our network of vetted lenders and lending partners

So, if you’re still looking for the best payday loan companies, give our platform a go. You have nothing to lose.

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Let’s now look at some of the loans you could be granted, based on different criteria.

Short-term Payday Loans

While most loans offer up to 30 days to repay them, short-term payday loans could have a smaller window of 2-3 weeks. You may talk to your lender and find out if they can wait until after your next paycheck to repay it.

Long-term Payday Loans

Depending on your credit history and loan amount, you may be able to get up to one month to pay back your loan. This period would start as soon as you receive the money in your bank account, which could be as soon as 48 hours from approval.

Tribal Payday Loans

Tribal lenders are those immune from state regulations because of being associated with Native American tribes. They only comply with federal laws which are not as strict. Due to this fact, loans from tribal lenders are usually more accessible for all people, even those who have bad credit scores. Though accessibility has its price: such loans usually have higher interest rates.

Unsecured Payday Loans

Most payday loans fall under this category, which simply means you provide no collateral to secure the funds. However, if you can provide an asset as collateral, such as your car, you may be eligible for a higher loan amount, lower interest rate, and/or several installments to repay it.

Second Chance Payday Loans

If you have a poor credit score and have been turned down by other lenders, then your loan would be categorized as a “second chance payday loan.” Our network of lenders will look at a number of factors when making an offer, your credit score being just one of them. So you should still go ahead and fill out our online form to see what you can qualify for.

Small Payday Loans Online

Depending on your credit history, as well as any outstanding loans you may already have, your payday loan offer may not reach the $1000 upper limit that is common for payday loans. The minimum amount our lenders usually offer is $100 which, depending on your situation, may still be enough to give you a boost in the right direction.

How to Find Quick Payday Loans

Certain circumstances may put you in a pinch, where a payday loan could come in quite handy. Some of the most common situations that may require you to look for emergency payday loans include:

  • Eviction Prevention
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Home Repairs
  • Job Loss

These unfortunate events can happen to anyone and having the ability to quickly connect with a lender that is willing to work with your situation can make a big difference.

All you need to start filling out our online form and get connected to a lender is:

  • Details of an active bank account
  • Proof of regular income
  • Social security number
  • Age of 18 or older

As mentioned earlier, we do not require you to upload any documents to our form. However, your lender will likely require documentation to approve your loan application.

When dealing with such financial challenges, you may find yourself wondering about the ins and outs of payday loans. Let’s clarify some of the most common worries that borrowers have.


…Best Payday Loans with Same-Day Deposit?

Most lenders are able to deposit the loan funds directly into the bank account you provide them with, usually as soon as 48 hours. Now, while finding the best payday loans with same-day deposit options isn’t common, it’s also not impossible. Remember, you may accept or reject an offer. However, if accepted, you would then be able to contact your lender directly and ask about the earliest deposit timeframe. Same-day payday loans are more likely to happen if all your documents are ready and in order. In a best-case scenario, you could receive your payday loans in 15 mins from approval.

…Instant Approval for Online Payday Loans?

Getting instant approval for online payday loans is contingent upon providing a valid bank account. That way, your lender is able to both deposit and withdraw the funds once your payment deadline has come up. While it’s a good idea to repay your payday loans asap, even before the deadline, most lenders do allow a 14-30 day period to do so. With a good credit score or collateral, you may be able to pay your loan back in monthly installments. Ask your lender about all these provisions.

…One-Hour or 24-hour Payday Loans?

Same-day or even one-hour payday loans don’t have to be the exception. Accepting an offer doesn’t mean you’ve signed a loan agreement. The lender still has to approve you for it and you may still decide to fill out our form as many times as needed until one of the lenders agrees to an early payout. Many of our users have found lenders willing to provide 1hr payday loans. So don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found that on the first try.

The challenge with 1hr or even 24hr payday loans is that interest rates may be on the higher end. That may be offset by a decent credit score, credit history, or collateral. However, if you don’t take more than you actually need or can afford to pay, a high monthly interest rate will not pack much of a punch on a short-term loan repayment deadline.

…Weekend Payday Loans?

Our online form takes minutes to complete, and it only requires you to answer a little over 30 questions. You may submit it at any time, day or night, weekend or weekday. While weekend payday loan requests may take longer to get reviewed, some of the lenders in our network have dedicated staff to answer inquiries 24/7. Keep in mind that approvals for Saturday and Sunday payday loans are easier to do online and may simply require running an algorithm on the part of the lender. So don’t hesitate to try. Go to, where you can submit your request for payday loans online 24/7.

Payday Loans for All Income Sources

You do not need to have a stable job in order to get approved for a loan. However, you do have to provide proof of some source of regular income. This may include salary, social security retirement benefits, supplemental security income, military/veteran compensation or allowance, etc.

Online Payday Loans

Loans for People on SSI / Disability Payday Loans

Both social security benefits and supplemental income for individuals with disabilities can get you qualified to receive a loan offer from one of the lenders in our network. There is no minimum income to be offered a loan; however, the amount and payment terms may vary based on your income level.

Besides SSI, if you have a disability, you may be eligible for SSDI (social security disability insurance). Some members of your family, including children, may also be covered. Check with the Social Security Administration for more details. While this assistance is of great help, it may not be enough in an emergency. An SSDI would allow you to receive payday loan offers from lenders and gain some quick supplemental income.

Online Payday Loans

Payday Loans with SSI Debit Card (SSI Direct Express Loans)

An SSI debit card allows you to access SSI funds without a bank account. While you can use that to provide proof of income, lenders will still need you to have a bank account in your name in order to receive the loan funds.

Online Payday Loans

Payday Loans for Military Personnel, Military Spouses, and Veterans

As an active US military member, you may receive both a regular salary / regular military compensation (RMC), as well as special allowances and incentives. You should include all these sources of income in our online form when looking for a loan, as they may help you get better offers.

Online Payday Loans

Payday Loans for Students

If you are a student, your income could come from part-time jobs, scholarships, and other private funding (e.g. parents, escrow account, etc.). As long as these are regular income-generating sources, you will likely be able to receive a payday loan offer through our platform. However, if you already have an outstanding federal loan, lenders will be able to see it. They may still decide to make you an offer based on the other details you provide, but the loan amount and payment terms may be impacted.

Outside the $1000 Payday Loans Limit

Most short-term payday loans have an upper limit of $1000. However, if you are able to provide some collateral or have a good credit history, you may be eligible for more long-term personal loans known as installment loans. With these, you would benefit from better repayments terms, usually monthly ones with lower interest rates.

Let’s understand how payday loans are different than installment loans.

$500 Payday Loans

Let’s take your average payday loan of $500. The interest rate (which would come stated as an annual percentage even though your loan repayment deadline is no longer than 1 month) usually varies from lender to lender and state to state, though it can get up in the 3-digit range. This could mean repayments of at least a quarter, perhaps even a third, larger than your original loan amount. In our example, that could range anywhere from $650 to $700. This buffer makes up for the quick speed and higher risks associated with lower credit scores.

Technically, all the loans from $1000 to $5000 are not payday loans, but installment ones. Installment loans dilute some of the risks, allowing lenders to be more flexible in their terms. Here are some common installment loan amounts.

$1500 Loans

As a first-tier, $1500 loans are quite common for mediocre credit scores. They are just enough to meet a dire need and are also easier to repay over a number of months.

$2000 Loans

If your emergency is a major one, $2000 provides a decent boost to your finances to be able to cover unforeseen, urgent costs quickly. With $2000 you can begin doing some serious damage control.

$3000 Loans

Sometimes, you may want a little extra to keep for your other goals that are not quite as dire. In this case, you could start with $3000 and, if needed, do a loan consolidation later.

$4000 Loans

This loan amount can help you get started on some ambitious projects. You may also want to consider this if you have a dependent or are looking to help out a friend with financial challenges.

$5000 Loans

$5000 is usually the limit for personal loans. It should help you with many of the above-stated goals. If you need any more than that, you may want to look into providing some collateral like a car title.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the advantages of payday loans?

In short, payday loans are most useful when you’re in a pinch and require quick money. Another advantage is that they can be obtained even with a low credit score.

What are some of the disadvantages of payday loans?

The biggest disadvantages of these loans are the high-interest rates and short repayment duration.

Are there payday loans that accept prepaid accounts online?

Having a prepaid account does not nullify the requirements for a bank account and stable income source. If you can provide those, you stand a good chance of receiving a loan offer.

What are the best apps for payday loans?

We are biased – let’s get that out of the way. So we will definitely recommend before anything else. Though, in all seriousness, given all the benefits listed above, our platform is well-positioned to help you with all your financial needs.

Do payday loans have guaranteed approval?

The entire finance industry comes with very few guarantees. What we can tell you is that our network of trusted lenders has the experience and willingness to work with most types of financial circumstances. You can always contact them directly after accepting an offer and discuss your specific concerns.

Which payday loans have a 100% acceptance rate?

As mentioned earlier, nothing is 100% guaranteed. And while you may be flexible in your terms, most lenders have an algorithm calculating their own amount of recommended flexibility. So they will let you know how much they’re willing to offer you. But remember, you can always reject an offer and resubmit our form for a different loan offer.

How do I find payday loans in my area?

The beauty of this process being online is that location is irrelevant. You may get better offers from lenders outside your area.

What if I really want payday loans near me?

That is totally your right. Once you’ve submitted our online form, you will get redirected to the loan offer page. On there, you can see the lender details and payment terms. If the lender isn’t in a location of your preference, you may restart the search process.

What should I know about bad credit payday loans?

As we’ve explained above, you can still receive a loan offer even with a bad credit score. The amount may be lower, with a high-interest rate, but this is fairly common for all short-term, risky loans. However, we always recommend you carefully read the terms and conditions and maintain good communications with the lender for a smoother process.

How to consolidate payday loans?

Firstly, you may not be able to get another loan if you have more than one already outstanding. Consolidation means getting another loan to finalize your payments on your existing one. Before doing so, make sure you understand all the repayment terms and have a plan of action of how you’ll be able to pay it back on time.

What are faxless payday loans?

All payday loans are faxless. This is simply an outdated term based on how bank operations used to be run a few decades ago.

Should I go for payday or installment loans online?

This truly depends on many factors, including your risk level, income, credit score, and more. If you do receive an offer higher than $1000, you may still choose to borrow less than that. If you want to be done with it quickly and can afford it, then payday loans may be your preferred option. If you want to spread out the financial burden, then consider installment loans instead.