Personal Loans for Fair Credit

Looking for a personal loan, but your credit score is not perfect? Don’t hesitate to apply anyway. Lenders from the GetCash network provide loans up to $5000 to those with fair credit as well.

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Personal Loans for Fair Credit

What Is Considered A Fair Credit Score?

It’s not a lender who decides how good or bad your credit score is, but one of the dedicated companies. FICO® and VantageScore® are the two main credit-scoring companies, with their definitions of fair credit being slightly different.

FICO®, which is used by around 90% of lenders, considers a fair credit score to be 580-669, while VantageScore® believes it to be between 601 and 660. Around 17% of Americans have a fair credit score, according to Experian.

How to Qualify for Personal Loans With Fair Credit Rating

While doesn’t ask you to provide any documents when filling in the online form, a lender on its side might ask you to provide the following information to qualify for a personal loan:

Proof of Identity (choose any):
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter’s ID
Proof of Residence (choose any):
  • Passport
  • Utility Bill

3 Steps to Get Best Personal Loans for Fair Credit Online

  • Personal Loans for Fair Credit
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    Tell our lenders what you’re looking for.
  • Personal Loans for Fair Credit
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    You’ll get a personalized loan offer from one of our partners.
  • Personal Loans for Fair Credit
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Size of Personal Loans Based On Credit Score

  • Personal loans for 580-590 credit score
  • Personal loans for 620-640 credit score
  • Personal loans for 650-670 credit score
  • Personal loans for 680-690 credit score

The size of your personal loan depends not only on how much money you need but also on how good your credit score is. As a rule, the higher the credit score is, the larger the loan amount you can get. But with the lenders from our network, you can get relatively large personal loans for fair credit as well.

  • Personal loans for 580-590 credit score

    With such a score, you can definitely expect to get small personal loans for fair credit, usually up to $500, however, the terms might vary depending on each lender’s personal policies.

  • Personal loans for 620-640 credit score

    Our partners can approve personal loans for average credit score right away. Just fill in a form and get up to $1000 right away.

  • Personal loans for 650-670 credit score

    If you’re looking for personal loans with ok credit, you can count on getting a larger loan up to $3000 and higher.

  • Personal loans for 680-690 credit score

    Your credit score is almost on the “good” side, so don’t be afraid to apply for a bigger loan, up to $5000 — the chances are high that it’ll get approved.

How to Improve Your Fico Credit Score: 3 Tips

If you’re looking for a higher loan amount, but your credit score is not good enough, it’s not a dead end as there are several ways to improve it.

  • Reduce the amount of debt. Your credit utilization, i.e., the amount of debt you owe, influences your credit score significantly. While paying off all your debts at once might not be an option, you can try to at least use less than 30% of your credit card’s limit or pay off one of the cards with the lowest debts.
  • Don’t miss your payments. Delayed payments negatively impact your score, even if you miss just a couple of days. Make all your payments on time, and you’ll see how your credit score gradually increases.
  • Check your credit report. This is what the lenders see when they’re considering giving you a loan. Are you sure there are no errors?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does taking a personal loan affect my fair credit score?

Taking a personal loan itself is not bad for your credit score. It can even improve it even if you pay it off on time. However, missing your payments and not paying off the loan will decrease your credit score.

Is it possible to get personal loans for bad credit?

Yes. Most of the lenders in our network can approve a loan for bad credit. However, the possible loan amount might be lower.

How can I get unsecured personal loans for fair credit?

Just fill in a short online form on, and we will connect you to a lender within several moments.

What personal loans can I get if I have a short credit history?

If you have a short credit history or no credit history at all, you can still qualify for a personal loan within our network of lenders. The terms will vary depending on each lender’s policy, so make sure to check it carefully before accepting any offer.

Can I get guaranteed personal loans for fair credit?

Unfortunately, such a thing as a guaranteed personal loan doesn’t exist — there is always a chance for your loan application to be declined. However, that chance is rather low if you apply for a loan using, as we connect you to lenders open to all kinds of credit scores.